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  1. Hello. I only have one mod subscribed to; [The Forge] Picky Targeting but when I launch DST, click play, then mods, it welcomes me w/ you have no mods check out the steam workshop. I've tried to subscribe to other mods but it doesn't seem to work either. I've tried verifying the cache and reinstalling already. Any idea why? Also, it seems to only be a problem on one of my laptops at home. Do you think it's possible to subscribe from a different laptop then relog onto the problem one? Thanks in advanced!
  2. So once it does get going, I'll get that mod asap or is there a way to enable mods w/ out client? Also it's been longer than 30mins :^) but guess ill try and afk over night LOL cheers ^^ ~
  3. Pretty much the title. I don't know what else to say but I've tried to reinstall, validate the game through steam>don't starve>properties and ye I don't know :^) Link ^ for what my screen looks like and ye, any help would be appreciated! (I have unsubscribed from all my mods, should I try and remove my save files onto desktop so there's no save slots used?) Thanks in advanced!