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  1. As an animation major, drawing messy is fine, you need to get messy. When I'm coloring digitally I would wanna get all the colors 100% in there, but really no one is gonna see those stray pixels. In traditional art I can't seem to do smooth lines perhaps due to how I hold my pens, but it still looks fine, the best thing to do is just get the idea across cuz in the end folks aren't gonna look at those gesture marks or slightly wobbled line. In painting that's when things get tough, but again you gotta lean back on it. Yeeha take it easy


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  2. 5 hours ago, Auspice said:

    I love the variety of artstyles you have - your realistic works are particularly amazing! I've only gone through the first and last few pages, but the way you drew the gorge characters really captures their likeness despite being in a different style. 

    Te eheee, thanks.,, enjoy the good soup of me arts. I got an eye for realism. Yeehaw

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