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  1. There has been mayhem going on how Tumblr is being run so there's a chance my blogs on it will cease to exist, and I have a much larger audience in there compared to other social media places sooo here's every link I got. 

    main blog: dragonheadskilax.tumblr | Made a side twitter for commentary and stuff 

    Artart-of-dragonheadskilax.tumblr | Twitter | DeviantArt | Instagram

    Webcomic [haitus]: irdial-broadcasting.tumblr | Smackjeeves

    Slop Art [NSFW]: dialing-the-rotary.tumblr (available until I delete it before Dev 17) | Twitter (will keep it public for now)

    KLEI Forums [DS Content]: here

    Rest of my side blogsthe-museum-of-anything-goes.tumblr (archiving of my favorite CD-ROM | askthethreehoofers.tumblr (Animal Crossing ask blog, inactive)

    (more links!): Steam | Ko-Fi | Youtube

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  2. 4 hours ago, ResettePlayer said:

    I immediately recognised the character you designed! And the attention to detail is amazing--it's clear to see that everything was carefully considered. This blows most costumes out of the park. Fantastic job!

    Thank youuuu, when I make costumes I always add as much as possible or accurate to the original image


    If you played Shovel Knight this character would boggle your mind, the heli-helmet does in fact spin!

    On tumblr my Lindo costume so far gotten 4000+ notes and still hasn't been 24 hours of posting about it! Here's a video with movements and jingles!


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