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  1. I want there to be an update now where Wes talks in his about pretending things are talking to him. Imaginary friends The lil gif was just for itching that scratch of animating something so it's just showing how perhaps Shadow Wes movements are like.
  2. Character reactions are mutual unless said otherwise
  3. Wigfrid is using Wes as a sniffing sniffer to sniff detector out for any trouble. I'm valuable.. in Russia., Im honored.. Sometimes I just doodle comics for no reason.
  4. I don't! I just found the video so funny and I only draw Wes and Wigfrid together if it's for a silly drawing, they're buddies. Solidarity Wait since we're on that topic now:
  5. Sun Wilson in the other corner is my favorite redraw
  6. Wilson just removed the legs of the spider for science, orb spider, roll it down a hill
  7. I'm just gonna put this here, the wedding server event thingy I done which I now finally got around to editing the vid for
  8. I made a simple speedpaint of it with a very fitting song over it
  9. I HAVE RETURNED and you know who else is back S N E S (snake Wes) I was commissioned to draw him again which is the best thing a person can do,,,
  10. Tee hee, ye I like drawing them unconventional...,
  11. Ye those doodles were from last year, and now... there's finally a ring on the finger.
  12. I'm still being a sappy little man over the event me and Jimmy are gonna do, so here's some more doodles Willow: "Yeah they're gay, keep scrolling"
  13. Throwback Fun fact the earliest interaction I had with Jim was these doodles
  14. So uh apparently a friend of mine and a few others have been planning a DST event server, and it was for the wedding of me and my partner ppffff so Yeehaw (we're not getting married irl but only in game, gamer wedding) Jim's drawing
  15. I FOUND y ou I never realized that you're the same person I know from discord and tunglr. I still have this gif as my wallpaper. Good soup...