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  1. Dr Weuss style Wendy and Walter as Coraline characters
  2. My plush Woby. And my klei halloween submission,,
  3. Lemons! Fianlly, I can comment on that one fruit comic. I likey how.. ya colored in skin tones while also in the game’s style, cuz it just looks goood. It really just, knocks over the idea on having to be on model and aesthetically pleasing. You probably get what I mean Chevre. It’s just v cute to see such warm tones it’s my favorite palette. When me n Jim first saw the comic we were all over it.
  4. Crummy Wilson feels Pre Constant Wigfrid is pretty Wormie smilin I hope Walter gets a hallowed nights costume
  5. I think I have the tendency to haul around tasks and look grubby in skin outfits regardless of who I play as, but yes.
  6. I kept thinking about this dance all day so I doodled Wes doing it
  7. moments like that really made me love the show. Gives me writing inspiration.
  8. I finished the documentary series Edwardian Farm and I wanted to redraw the ending cuz I thought it looked cute. Its one of many series where some historians live like in a specific era. Victorian pharmacy, victorian slum house, Tudor castle, etc. Its sooo good cuz it really goes through everything from clothes to getting food to weekly tasks.
  9. Daniel from Amnesia the Dark Descent, what I like about that game is that there’s a theme with roses, shadows, being scared in the dark. Perfect buddy for Wilson and the Lodger.