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  1. I've found that sometimes I've managed to chain liquid bridges etc. but most of the time I can't (I'm not sure how I did). I'm not sure which one is the bug but I'm in favour of allowing chaining for greater flexibility. But a problem presents when you chain in series, I've put an example of that below with a primitive mock up of a potential solution. It was a white input symbol before I editted the screenshot.
  2. The tank was empty when I built it. I never noticed any water in that airflow tile while the tank was filling, only once it reached that level.
  3. There was no water there when I built those tiles. Although your situation of building a tile on a cell with water and the water getting trapped is probably not intended behaviour either.
  4. I haven't seen the water actually get through and spill into my polluted water tank, but I sure don't want to find out what happens if my polluted water reaches the same level on the other side!
  5. I've marked it as an exploit but I was just sad that the 7 strength Dupe I had on hold is gone. I guess I know how to easily get another one though!
  6. Disabling the mods doesn't remove their effect on the game state. I've just had this issue with only Wormhole Marks installed, have you used this mod with this world? Also, was it either day 23 or during a storm?
  7. I just got this crash repeatedly, I got through once in five tries, but I got pushed back in by the wind and it crashed again! I'm also on day 23 in a storm with only Wormhole Marks used on this world. Unfortunately, disabling the mod didn't help. I'm guessing it's still the mod though (not fully compatible with SW), I can imagine world borders might reuse some of the wormhole code.