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  1. I also had a similar bug (latest version, but no save file at the moment) where they were not sweeping even with sweep priority 9. I think it is because the game only partially sweeps based on the storage container priority - not just the sweep priority. So in the scenario: Priority 9 - (Sweep order on a pile of food, sandstone, and granite) Priority 8 - Refrigerator (All Food) Priority 8 - (Dig some holes) Priority 7 - Storage Container (Sandstone only) Priority 7 - (Build some stuff) Priority 5 - Storage Container (Granite only) In order, the actions taken will be: Sweep the food pile into the refrigerator (Sweep 9, Container 8) Then dig some holes (priority 8) Then sweep the sandstone pile into its container (Sweep 9, Container 7) Then build some stuff (Priority 7) Then sweep the granite pile (Sweep 9, Container 5)
  2. This reminds me of a similar bug I had (might even be the same one) when I accidentally walled off all my dupes in a small cave outside the base. All the material (sandstone, food, etc) in the base suddenly became unavailable - only the stuff inside the cave was shown as "available materials" for construction. As soon as I deconstructed the wall to let my dupes out, the problem was fixed and everything became available again. I don't have a save file, but theoretically you should be able to reproduce the bug by simply walling off all dupes in a confined area away from the materials.
  3. In that case, the bug is where the terrarium doesn't turn off after reaching max gas pressure. And the description for the terrarium should mention that it doesn't actually need CO2 and/or doesn't say "Recycles Carbon Dioxide into a bit of Oxygen".
  4. This secret area won't reveal itself, even after I dug into the open air on the right. I can't ask dupes to go in by selecting to dig/build in the "unknown" tiles, either. However, I managed to trap two dupes (about where Travaldo is in the above picture) and forced them to fall into the Unknown, revealing: My bet is the game probably thought there was a security door there, but a glitch destroyed the door during world gen. Lucky Shelter.sav
  5. Typo: They continue using water and emitting OXYGEN even though:
  6. My algae terrariums aren't turning off. They continue using water and emitting water even though: There isn't any CO2 near them The oxygen pressure surrounding them is over 3000 Lucky Shelter.sav