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  1. Question1: 60th line of worldmigrator.lua assert(self.linkedWorld == nil or self.linkedWorld == fromworld) No matter how I change self.linkedWorld (parameter of the portal) with SetDestinationWorld It will occour assertion... Is anyone the same with me? P.S.Whole function: function WorldMigrator:SetReceivedPortal(fromworld, fromportal) -- TODO: This needs to be part of a two-way process, so both ends of the portal link to each other -- (or IDs are handed down from the master or something, so that bi-directionality can be guaranteed) assert(self.linkedWorld == nil or self.linkedWorld == fromworld) self.linkedWorld = fromworld self.receivedPortal = fromportal self:ValidateAndPushEvents() end Question2: I can't remove my portal!!They will come back to my server evertime I restart my server.