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  1. Hi guys, I am from Thailand. First of all, thanks for letting us localize the game into Thai language. I found that there are currently 2 Thai language packs already on the steam workshop. Both packs are error-free but the displayed font is too wide making it hard to read as a whole and occupied too many spaces on the screen whenever playing ONI by myself or watching another player's steam on youtube. The font width that is too wide also making it harder for the translator team to pick the right and meaningful word to be fit in the limited area. For example, the icon name on the bottom of the screen and the building name in the build menu which limited to only 7-8 characters before auto-breaking text into a new line. I noticed that as stated on OP the default font in Thai language pack is NotoSansThai-Regular. If not mistaken, the font used in the original version is Roboto Condensed which is more compact and more suitable. I did a bit of work searching and comparing the font width and found that it would be better if the default font for Thai language is changed to NotoSansThai-Condensed. Here is the font width comparison comparing the Thai alphabet with shortest width (equivalent to "i" in English) to the longest one (equivalent to "W" in English) Hope that you have a plan to release more embedded fonts available for localization in the near future and let the translator choose the font that most appropriate to the game UI. And finally, thanks to all translators for making the game playable for younger people who are not fluent in English. I may not know which country you are but you are doing the greatest thing to the Duper of all kind! Cheers,