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  1. Sorry folks, I was just utterly stupid. There were some waterweed plants just below what was visible in the picture. I never considered them because they were part off the 'natural environment'. Stupid, stupid, stupid me!
  2. My pips won't plant either. Pressure is higher than 100 grams. Is there an upper limit? There is no container which stores sleet wheat grain (I checked by having them sweep the grain on high priority, it says 'storage unavailable'). Anyone any idea what could cause this behavior?
  3. So if I understand it correctly, Wild voles don't need to be fed, and don't get the cramped debuff that makes them not reproduce?
  4. That could work, although I would imagine capturing it could be difficult. I used petroleum generators as backup power source previously. If you have already way too much power though, I tend not to use them all that much. I think I will be going for pufts in an enclosement like Loscil posted. Seems much simpler for the same outcome.
  5. Is it free though? It looks like he is feeding them Co2, and Co2 is definitely a finite resource. I wouldn't know how to generate enough Co2 to feed dozens of slicksters.
  6. Yes, I have the fishtanks already. I want to scale up to a regime of frost burgers though. The fishtank is a really nice way to get a lot of food for virtually no resources or dupe time, but it's not the highest tier of food. I know it will work fo the pufts (I did it before) but won't the drecko's die from hunger before they lay an egg? (didn't experiment with the pips yet) Edit: sorry, you mentioned 'food source'. I would prefer an animal I don't need to feed, unless it's a self regenerating resource like balm lillies, polluted water (I have way more than I need) or regolith.
  7. I'm currently looking for a no dupe time meat generator that requires no finite inputs. I tried hatches, but they tend to die from a calorie deficit before they procreate. I've had a system with a lot of chambers and pufts. All chambers with a sweeper to remove dropped meat, and automation to have enough pufts (and eggs) in the room without it becoming overcrowded. That takes a lot of room though, for not too much meat. A pacu ranch can run without dupe input (as soon as you have enough pacu's in there and remove the eggs), but in the latest update can't produce meat. Anyone has a suggestion how to make something that requires no (or the least possible) dupe input and resources input?