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  1. If it was me I personally wouldnt me and winkerbottom have in common...I have Insomnia.
  2. When I started reading the books the 4th book was already out and I loved it.
  3. It kind of reminds me of those movies that say that the human being has a 3rd "Hidden Eye" that can see the unseen
  4. I can agree with that...but that is YET TO BE determined for sure
  5. They all have appropriate looks for their separate personalities...Bobbie Looks like shes gonna kick someones butt like the strong independent woman she is, Winona looks like a hard working man...which kind of works with her character...and Charlie looks like that girl who cares about her family but shows it in her own way...what a interesting group of sisters.
  6. ...Put one foot in front of the other...I have no idea who that is...but I must say it looks perfect.
  7. Huh...*my mind wanders to my character* looks like I can use this with my character instead of some weird crazy backstory
  8. And Wilson...well...I dont know what the twitching eye would mean...
  9. It looks like shes slowly fading away... ...Ahh its just Torches presence inside Bobbie...
  10. Ahh the Winston Version of a flower bokay...I can see why hes embarrassed
  11. ...Someone order some makeup...its gonna take alot of it to make this look pretty
  12. I just didnt know he was talking about THAT Bendy...I know THAT Bendy
  13. For a second there *is laughing* I thought that was Charlie dressed up as a female spider...well the female spider version of Webber thats older XD
  14. This Halloween...even though Im 15 and should be inside doing Teenage stuff which I normally dont do...Im gonna hide under the car outside dressed as Jason and scare kids who go to our house trick or treating...its the one day where my sword is allowed out of the house...also I have a
  15. So Perfect for a fancy shadow ball
  16. it does...looks like she's just about to start doing the cabbage patch
  17. so THATS what a mime sees when they are inside a invisible box