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  1. You can interact with the security door, you have to open it to enter the ruin. But since the door is unreachable you won't be able to enter there xD
  2. Wut

  3. Gases don't diffuse properly

    I think it is much more faster to calculate the gases this way, you don't want to use your processor just calculating the gases. Maybe they will solve this later with a bunch of other optimalization (pre-release).
  4. Slime blocks generated nearby ruins are not spawning any slimelung germ.
  5. Germs multiply with falling water.

    I don't think that it multiplies, you are just filling more water with germs into that one block. So it just simply adds it into that block's current germ quantity. I mean you have 10600 germs in 10Kg water + 2371 germs/ 3300g water ~=14600germs in 15.4Kg water.
  6. I just checked your save and they are using the lavatory for me, so i have no idea.
  7. Could you try to connect the lavatories like this: So the output of them is not connected directly, because they are not able to empty out the liquid into the pipe that is occupied. This way the lavatory will be "Pipe blocked" and the dupes will leave them. Never connect any liquid or gas pipe directly.