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  1. Is the geyser functionality broken by either this fix or a recent one? They currently give off way too little steam to be considered a water source. I'm also not sure if I broke the geysers by analyzing them, just putting this out there.
  2. I guess it could've been a "branding" of sorts for the wire, didn't think of that.
  3. Another one which I couldn't screenshot, whenever there is one germ in any environment, it still says 1 germs. Small one, but still
  4. Looks like a similar small typo here:
  5. Hi! I didn't check if there were any threads covering this topic, but I thought it'd be useful to include one where the devs can see typoes/wrong message keys/etc. I found two right off the bat: i instead of y, and a missing message key it looks like.
  6. Please see the screenshot. Made of igneous rock, haven't tested with others, only one line of compactors is broken, the rest is fine.
  7. I tried this as well to no avail. A reload usually fixes this, but only with "all" selected even then, so it's some overhead. Couldn't mark for destruction.
  8. Note the pipe bridge wasn't overlapping any intake/outtake.
  9. Please see my image, I can't destroy the gas bridge, I tried destroying with the all option selected as well as individually(pipes, buildings, etc). No luck. After reloading, the destroy command worked.
  10. On my old save, my guy successfully repaired the wiring then went on to do his daily routine, thanks! I'm considering this fixed, will let you know if this breaks again @Cheerio
  11. Agreed, for those of us keeping the polluted dirt and the germy stuff there it would be useful to be able to use a deodorizer and still call the room a latrine.
  12. Try to get them to repair something after you load a game(not start)
  13. That's some excellent response time man, thanks!