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  1. @AlexRou OMG OMG OMG!!!! You are the BEST EVER!!!! I am not even joking right now, my game is now running at 60 FPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was running at 7 this whole time!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you so much! I'm sure this will help!! You are awesome! <3
  3. @AlexRou Yeah sorry I was mistaken. My monitor plug will either fit in the DVI or HDMI so which one do I choose?
  4. Do I plug it into the digital video, HDMI or S-video? And thank you btw! I had no idea... lol
  5. I dont know what you mean? My monitor is plugged into the back of my computer tower? lol Is there a way I can tell? -Sorry super noob at computer stuff. @AlexRou Would that make a difference? If so is there a way I can re-wire it?
  6. Even when I start a new game after a few minutes I have started getting really bad lag/low fps. This happens in the preview as well. I know it is probably expected in the preview but it makes it frustrating that I cant even hardly play on the live branch. Outrageous Dystopia.sav
  7. I have a few dig/build tasks set on priority 9 as I am out of algae and my dupes keep sweeping (priority 4) and ignoring my priority 9 commands no matter what I try.