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  1. Hello everybody.

    well i need help in my music mod but what is my problem exactly?

    i want to replace music_FE to my own, i did this but its not working:

     i do open FMOD designer>new project with music_mod name and located in my sound files in my mod (my music that i want to replace are in too)>then change untitled value in Fmod designer to music>delete event00>add a new event that calls music_FE>add my music to playlist in music_FE (even)t>change music_mod_bank00 in banks part to music_mod>then CTRL+B>build it.

    and i will add this code to my mainlua CODE:

     --RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/music/music_FE", "music_mod/music/music_FE" )

    so when i go to my world nothing will play.

    -is it my code correct? i mean i want to hear my music when i am walking in my world not like when danger detected.

    -am i doing wrong way in my FMOD?

    -i should add something more?

    plus i have my dynamicodes in scripts.

    the wonder point its i did this same but not for music_FE this time i did it for mainmenutheme and it worked by this code:

    GLOBAL.FE_MUSIC = "music_mod/music/mainmenutheme"
    is it my dynamic codes wrong?

    so please help me.

    thanks for your notice