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  1. I am trying to cook fried mushroom by adding a one-time recipe (not continuous), but my auto-sweeper is picking it up 5.7 mg at a time and transferring to the grill. I attempted restarting the game but the issue persisted. It was only when I set the fried mushroom recipe to continuous that the auto-sweeper picked up the whole mushroom. The Lamentable Crashpad.sav
  2. I've noted that with Liceloaf stored in a Ration Box (or Critter Feeder), all of the Liceloaf is stored in one stack with the same freshness %. If I make a new Liceloaf with 100% freshness and it is put into a Storage Box containing ANY amount of Liceloaf at a different freshness %, the fresh Liceloaf will be set to whatever % of freshness of the already existing liceloaf. This can lead to really dumb situations where a new 1 KG Liceloaf is reduced from 100% to 1% freshness because there is still 200g of Liceloaf at 1% freshness in the box. In the Refrigerator, Liceloaf is stored in 10 KG stacks (most likely to get around this issue) that all have the same freshness %. If we could at least get that functionality moved over to the Ration Box, it would be appreciated. I don't like spending energy on refrigerators until much later.
  3. No, my sage hatch eggs have been turning into sage hatchlings. It's only the stone hatch eggs that turn straight into adults.
  4. Me too, and adding my save just in case it is needed. Ranch Upgrade Mk 2.sav
  5. I have observed that stone hatches, whether hatched in the incubator or left to hatch on their own, do not have a baby phase and are fully adult as soon as the egg hatches. Sage hatches, however, DO have a baby phase. This seems like a bug so I figured I'd let you know. Ranch Upgrade Mk 2.sav
  6. Any time I move a tame hatch to another stable, they become wild again. I have four stables at this point and it is annoying having to go through this so many times. Ranch Upgrade Mk 2.sav
  7. Here is my save. My dupes go invisible all the time. Ranch Upgrade Mk 2.sav
  8. I've just encountered this issue in my game. It's hilariously broken how low the seed chance is using Bristleberries in Hydroponic Tiles. I've done at least three harvests now of 10 bristleberry plants with a master farmer, and only yielded one seed. There is a 10% drop chance base and my master farmer has farming 13 which affords a +43% seed chance. It's statistically extremely improbable for that to keep happening, so the more likely thing is that the code is janky.
  9. Build job is enabled for all duplicants but none will go to deconstruct my farm station. See attached save. Dreamland.sav
  10. I'm attaching my save. My cook refuses to deliver meal lice to the microbe musher. He is the only one allowed to enter the kitchen and therefore the only one who will deliver meal lice. However, I was able to give another duplicant access to my kitchen area and he seemed happy to deliver it. Just a strange bug. Jobs Jobs Jobs.sav
  11. Oh geez, apparently I'm just a dumbass.
  12. The batteries in my power plant, connected directly to a Coal Generator via Heavy Watt Wire, are not charging. I've used this setup in other bases and it works fine, but this time it is not. I attempted using the heavy watt tiles but when it wasn't working I just busted a tile out and connected the wire directly, which also didn't work. Circuit overview shows everything is hooked up properly. Save file attached for verification. Isolated Base.sav
  13. Some duplicants refuse to eat Liceloaf in my storage box; I need to actually uncheck it in the storage box and dump it on the ground in order for them to eat it. In my playthroughs I generally use a storage box for quite a while and toggle off consumption of muckroot and nutrient bars if there are perishables that need to be eaten, like Liceloaf. Sometimes out of frustration I allow them to just eat up all the muckroot and nutrient bars. After it's gone they will eat the Liceloaf normally. In my current playthrough I have confined duplicants to rooms they cannot leave, placed storage boxes in these rooms that are stocked with food, and find that they sometimes refuse to eat out of the storage box in their room. I get the message that food is unreachable even though they are standing right next to it. Dumping it on the ground sometimes doesn't even work.
  14. I'm having the same issue but also with the research stations, basic and advanced. The duplicant won't leave even to eat or use the bathroom until research is complete.
  15. Whoops my mistake, it looks like a new atmo suit isn't created but rather it is just dropped on the ground wherever the dupe gasped for air. Nobody comes to return the suit to the dock so that's probably something you'll want to fix.
  16. I have a room dedicated to oil refineries, where duplicants have to wear atmo suits while working. A couple of times now my duplicants have worked at the oil refinery with their atmo suit on for so long that they run out of air, and continue to work until they are out of breath. They run out of the room and gasp for air, and a new atmo suit is created on the ground, but they are still wearing one. I've attached my save file so you can see the atmo suits on the ground outside my refinery room. Took's Castle.sav