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  1. I came across the same issue and have found that it is connected to the suit's availability to oxygen.
  2. I have also experienced my hatch disappearing completely, but I released it onto a solid tile floor. I will test dropping off on natural terrain.
  3. When an Exosuit dock loses access to oxygen, the dupes still try and go through but get stuck at the checkpoint. The dupes eventually suffocate. If you interfere in any way (such as deconstruct the checkpoint) then the game crashes. I have managed to reproduce this issue many times. Reproduction steps: 1. Create an Exosuit dock and checkpoint 2. Connect oxygen 3. Disconnect oxygen 4. Send dupe through checkpoint 5. Once dupe is stuck: 5.1 dupe suffocates if left alone 5.2 game crashes if checkpoint is deconstructed A potential issue here is a seg-fault occurring due the an infinite loop being exited in an unexpected way. The reason for the infinite loop would probably have something to do with the availability of oxygen.