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  1. Hello, I've decided to test the beta tonight but I'm already dealing with 2 annoying bugs : first, the overheating, the temperature appears to increase with time, it starts the first day as a very short peak (few seconds, exactly at midday), later it occurs all the day (around day 6) and finally all the day + all the evening (day 10). All plants and limpets begin wilting, like a dry season. second, the day-night cycle is locked, you can notice on my screenshot that I'm day 10 and I have a day 1 cycle. I don't use any mods atm, all my mods are off. Also, all the settings are by default. I've started 4 games, all the same. It is happening everywhere (beach, forest, sea...). No special items like thermal stones or obsidian stuff are used. I've tried verifying the game files and uninstalling/reinstalling the game but nothing. Dunno what to do, thanks for the help!