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  1. Cool~ The memory leak has bothered me for long. Now I can make a perpetual motion colony and go to sleep!
  2. so do not construct things like this, make every farm tile an end of the pumping system
  3. Abyssalite is not totally insulate. In fact it has the conductivity of 1e-6, and will transfer heat when there is huge temperature difference.
  4. I accidentally found this when I place many pitcher pump in my petroleum pool and find an abnormal cool area. When pitcher pump is half placed into petroleum or crude oil, the temperature will automatically but slowly decrease. It is slow enough that can only be observed by tens of circles or by ctrl-U fast mode. It may occur with other liquids. In my experiments, petroleum and crude oil works, but water not. The Antigravity Brigade.sav Tip: If you replace the air with hydrogen, this phenomenon will be more significant Start with , enable Ctrl-U fast mode and you will get the first row is crude oil and the second is petroleum. different column represents different air density (1g 10g 100g 1kg 10kg 100kg)
  5. Sorry but I'm not English native speaker. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz Memory: 12GB GPU: nvidia 960m
  6. Ubuntu 16.04 Temperature colors are incorrectly shown on air and liquids (correct on solid)
  7. Load and then crash The Tragic Burrow Cycle 81.sav
  8. When the water froze into ice inside the mesh tile, it can't be dig out. A reload of saving can make it able to be dig again. (therefore I can't provide a bug saving)
  9. It just crash when it turn to night. Oil Age Cycle 58.sav (1).sav