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  1. It is not as intended, because for all other ores it's exactly the same as the melting point as the product it refines to. Also this melting point is exactly equal to that of the copper ore, so they forgot to change this one.
  2. The melting point of aluminium ore seems to be copied from copper ore. Should be much lower, see attachment
  3. Vulcania with Frozen Core..... uhm? Geoactive and Geodormant is also an interesting combination.
  4. All things in the lists of filters are ordered alphabetically except Polluted oxygen, probably because it used to be named contaminated oxygen :).
  5. Clicking kiln recipe after it has been built, or clicking one that has a recipe causes a crash.
  6. Having the same issue in my game
  7. When reloading a save the time until death for all creatures resets to 10 cycles
  8. Ravaging hunger (very hard food setting) seems very badly tuned. No way to survive the initial stage with it.
  9. Heating algae beyond the boiling point (125 degrees C) should normally turn it into dirt. However when done if the conveyor belt is within a tile results into dirt tiles created above it. Problem however is that it continues doing this well into space, the final frontier. Where it goes where no dirt has gone before.
  10. Consumables tab still have old expectation column. See pic.
  11. All versions of Pacu don't overcrowd. The result is pretty much having hundreds of eggs in a small water area hatching and producing their little offspring in no-time. Sure I don't mind having hundreds of Gulp fish cleaning my polluted water and providing infinite food, but they lag my entire game.