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  1. Yes, now it really HURT. Especially when I'm feeding dupes with meal lice at cycle 24. My Amper got crazy and started to destroy all when stress reached 100% - had to change hat from (he just got it) scientist tier 4 to digger tier 1 :-). No quick rush now. Jukebot with 960W requirement at early stage of game? It is really annoying - but effects are really nice.
  2. Works fine now with hotfix - thanks.
  3. At bottom of my base have exosuit requiring oxygen. After algae are delivered I switched view to check oxygen flow. When oxygen is reaching suits game crashes. Tried this 2 times - always CTD CU-75 Cycle 64.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_273742_20180616-22.50.18.dmp
  4. Does anyone have problems with priority and starting research ? My dups are idle, research station has prio 8 and task is selected.
  5. After starting new game sometimes dupes ignore assigned sweep action while storage compactor have 'sweep only' checked checkbox. From my perspective issue is rare - this is 2nd time when issue has been observed. 1st time when errands (hats) has been introduced. Reload fixes this issue - so I'm not sure if attached file helps here. R1-no-sweep.sav
  6. After suit is taken storage is consuming oxygen and after some time game crashes to desktop. I'm assuming oxygen shou;ld be consumed only when suit is inside to refill it.