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  1. Wait, has the Message Table been removed? I'm sure it should be there there is even a room, Message Clinic, for it. I was sure it was in the beta. Attached a picture of my furniture and am not seeing it in the research-able items.
  2. Priorities still seem to be wrong on Gofers, they are so aggressively prioritizing their sweep tasks that they are ignoring other priorities (even when no sweep task is assigned and storage containers are set to a 3 and other jobs are set 4-7). This is making Gofers very frustrating to have in the colony, even for someone who maintains a 4-7 priority and has been playing the game for quite awhile. Closest thing I have found to a work around is max out the priority which means SOMETIMES they will actually do something other than sweep.
  3. I noticed while building my recent base that if you go to the power overlay (F2) and press Priority (P) there are no priorities being displayed on power lines.
  4. All animations on dupes on a new colony once 241659 was released were working fine until I added the Rock Granulator, after that device was added into my colony: animation for the rock granulator doesn't happen (not a suprise since I'm sure its not in the game yet), the manual generator (dup stood by the generator while the generator spun), toilette cleaning (could see the plunging animation but the dup was standing beside the toilette). Have not attempted the metal refinery yet.
  5. Found a couple of issues with the Thero-plates, 1) You are not able to select the Thermo-plates so that you can deconstruct them or change priorities; consequently, the only way you can decontrusct them is doing a filtered deconstruct. 2) Thermo-plates for the granite material it is not showing thermally reactive
  6. Rarely a dup will drop a resource into a tile or open space causing the resource to "vanish." I noticed this occurred the first time while carrying seeds and the dup became distracted with a interruption task (I believe it was eating or restroom) the seeds then "reappeared" when I dug out the area around the drop. The second time I have seen it the dup was jumping above tiles above a water hole and the material fell "through" the tile when interrupted during the jump by the bedtime event.
  7. I have a game crash on reload, a lot of Error msgs popup on the screen but even the "A black hole has ate your game" screen crashes so quick you can't read much of it. I had this problem when I first logged back in after sleeping for the night. Same error message, I had to delete about 3 cycles worth of autosaves to find one that actually worked again. The error msgs and crashes were the same. Attempted a system restart, it did get a little further in the reload process, but still crashed the same way, so it is savegame related. Re-played those three cycles, deconstructed a cluster of Thermoplates (same thing I did before in those three days time) they were not stacked but built within1 tile left and 1 down, I have seen if you stack them they will create a null reference error as well when you try a area decontruct, but thats a diffrent bug), disabled a bunch of buildings to decrease power to clean out a area for a chlorine chamber, while building a bunch of insulated tiles to keep temp from spreading to base, all of a sudden my sandstone dropped by ALOT (over ~25 tiles worth of sandstone) thought that can't be right, went to reload, and crash occurred again.) It was roughly 3 cycles again the crash is occurring. The savegame file: Cavernous - Plumbing s3 Cycle 91.sav
  8. I have noticed that pressing Deconstruct and/or Cancel, either using the button or the hotkey for Deconstruct, it no longer de-selects the current build operation, resulting in extra selection of build operations. Was this intentional? Personally I wish we could go back to having it de-select the build since I feel like I am doing extra actions to re-select my build operation, and it results in longer (yes, I know its only a matter of seconds, but it is still longer and extra clicks) in doing builds. Any chance we can go back? -Hopeful- *Edited to include the Cancel function since it is doing it with this interface as well.
  9. In AT-240229, after starting a new map, here are the list of things I quickly noticed as being minor issues. #1 - After causing sand to fall it is no longer displaying the old graphic of a sand tile with cracks as noticeable as before. Tiles that have been pre-generated with items in them appear to be showing the proper "cracked" graphic. #2 - Dupes are not doing the mopping animation when mopping up clean water. #3 - At the mid-day mark hatches appear to come out of the ground as if disturbed even if there has been no interaction. (cycle 1) #4 - After constructing a building there is no priority selected on the new building (not even the default 5) but is acting as if there is. #5 - When building to the left, dupes will sometimes face right, showing off how cool they are building behind them, perhaps? #6 - Not sure how this happened, all I did was a sweep and it gave a partial seed in storage. Not sure if it can easily be replicated. #7 - Digging abyssalite(15 tiles, 2 of 3 duplicants became stuck in the action and would not move away or cancel (when I click them individually and tell them to move) even upon completing that specific dig job and moved on to another, eventually digging until they die. Attempted to save and reload, still did not correct problem. Will include save file so you guys can take a look at it. After uploading save file was finally able to break the loop by canceling all the dig job on that abyssalite. Cavernous Paradise - Bug 7.sav #7 (continued) - One of the dups became stuck on cleaning a toilette, again unable to get her to stop even when clicking the "Move To" button. I did notice that this is one of the "unassigned" priority buildings I mentioned in #4. I was able to get get her unstuck with the disable "button" when one of the other duplicants came over and changed the enabled stat of the building. She once again acted normally after breaking the loop. #8 (Not related to build) - I saw it happen in this build, but to be fair I have also seen this occur in the Oil upgrade, when you have a very small amount of gold amalgam say if you are building an Algae Deoxydizer (requires 200kg material) and you have less then 250-300kg, the materials will suddenly vanish in transit, even if you deconstruct the plans to build the building, the material does not re-appear it will just have vanished from the world.
  10. After starting a new map with OI-234832 I haven't had any further issues regarding the dups freezing while interacting with deconstructing/constructed items. i never did see the repair issues, that others have had.
  11. Strange, I tried it and instead of falling my dup walked on air for about 2 spaces to escape the fall.
  12. I have another version of the same issue, it seems like it could also be related to having something deconstructed that they are interacting with (the tiles below the dups in the pic below were being deconstructed) also had one stuck on a ladder that was being deconstructed. I am working around it by saving and reloading. The dup then becomes unstuck (until there is a fix.) xD
  13. I also found this same issue in my bases main bathroom, 2 lavatories not outputting anything but still being used by dups, I attempted to destroy lavatories and pumps that feed them and exited and rebuilt everything, still not working. They use no clean water (but does show water in the pipe) and no output. (I didn't even notice the germs until I saw this bug report.)
  14. It does appear to be that the airlock was destroying a fair portion of the CO2; although it still seems strange that with 7 duplicates (1 a mouth breather) I'm still so low on Co2 without a carbon skimmer and have seen very little CO2 growth @ 90 cycles. At cycle ~30 I was at ~250g of CO2, now at cycle 90 @ ~290g. This is without generating any other CO2 outside of the 7 dupes (I did return to the airlock save after testing the water lock.) Just so you can guys can look at the #s I saw.. but if it's working as intended.. then I suppose all is good. Thanks for reviewing it.
  15. Only has 3 floors of Mealwood, rectangular in shape, sandstone floors for the planter boxes, 1 tile of sandstone walls, no insulation, 1 garnet ration box, 1 high pressure vent (Iron), gas pipe (igneous rock) going through top wall, and 2 sand stone ladders. That's it, nothing else is in the room. Oh ya, manual lock on the top (Iron) gas pump in the other room is 2 tiles from the airlock.