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  1. +1 I noticed this issue on my playthrough as well.
  2. In this save file, the client will crash after a few moments Attached is the log and this is the savefile: The Sneezing Dreamland Cycle 14.sav By the way, the save file directory explained down below is not valid anymore, it is now in ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included/save_files.
  3. Lumber is missing a unit on the right side.
  4. If I put a building on an area that's not been dug out yet, then cancel it, when i try to dig out that area using Dig, the shovel icon doesn't show up (even though the dig errand seems to still be working)
  5. There are two Arbor Tree pages in the database and they are slightly different. (one on top of the screenshot and one in the bottom)
  6. [OSX on Preview OI-234177] In a new world that I am in, I have a ruin right beside where I started. When I go to decor overlay, it actually reveals to me what's inside. Plant overlay also shows the plant that are inside even though they should be in fog of war still.
  7. When I mouse over Research (on the top right) before I build a Research station, the tooltip says press [9] to bring up Stations but that actually brings up Medicine now.
  8. On Mac, if I use the mouse wheel, I can infinitely scroll up and down the research tree.