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  1. You can't from Steam itself. You can look on the Steam DB page for more useful info. Once launch_testing updates, either wait for Steam to catch up or just restart Steam and it should update. edit: And now it has!
  2. The last launch_testing update is 348553, 6 hours ago. 348892 hasn't actually been published yet.
  3. Yep, just using debug mode is causing it too. Hopefully will be fixed quickly because I really want to experiment with using high-end building materials on low-tier stuff!
  4. It would be simple enough to change the insulated versions of tiles/pipes to use the minimum thermal conductivity of two elements. It would make sense too, they'd be acting as if they're multiple layers thick of the same material, which would justify the cost increase.
  5. The charges mean that dupes have to wait for it to charge and that can mean getting stuck on the wrong side of the transit system for a while. Especially at bedtime, or when the atmosphere in their location is non-breathable. I'm working with 18 total dupes and it's a big problem now, I can't imagine what it might be like with 30+. Also boosting the access points up to 960W is excessive, even if it is only while charging. If it's a regularly used access point that's a major power draw. As a final tier upgrade it should really just work, there's no need to limit the amount of traffic going through them.