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  1. Heat exchange from piping (both gas and liquid) seems to be acting odd, a lot of rapid fluctuations. My cooling chamber is heating up much faster when it had been running great for a few hundred cycles.
  2. Lumber starts disappearing after dropping/stacking it on a single tile past 100 tons. It does not start showing more stacks of lumber (compared to having multiple tons of regolith). The environment was in a vacuum, the lumber dropped by a conveyor chute and swept by sweepers to be delivered to the ethanol distillers. As the dupes delivered to the conveyor loader to have it dropped from the chute, whenever the stack got "past" 100 tons, if the sweeper picked up from the stack, the amount of lumber would start to decrease from 100 tons, not as if there was more than 100 tons or that there were multiple stacks.
  3. Bridges, either gas or liquid, when splitting their element to two or more different pipes will start behaving like regular pipes in regards to the "pause and check" of a junction. There is no smoothness of pipe flow when one of the bridge splits has a limited or stalled flow. The split will NOT continue along the remaining open flow as if the piping had taken what was needed (which is the behavior of a bridge/building input with a limited or stalled flow at the output). This behavior was not seen until patch 350563 was put in with the reintroduction of the pipe optimization. This behavior was not seen in the 349444 patch rollback. If this is a new intended behavior then this was not specifically mentioned in the patches.