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  1. @Mday Yeah, I noticed that sometimes their animation get stuck too. Also...that "refusing to take more ash" bug seem to happen more consistently after i fertilize it once then save/quit XD But yeah, it reverts to withered after saving and quitting again....but sometimes, after you come back from menu, everything else that were fertilized goes back to being unfertilized :C. There definitely seems to be something wrong with how things are saved(/synced) like you said.
  2. As title states. Sometimes some coffee plants require 3 ashes to start producing again. I'm still not sure what causes this. It doesn't seem to affect the other coffee plants even though they were all planted at the same time as the bugged plants. Seems to happen after season changes but cant be sure. Also, sometimes, it will just stop accepting ash after taking 1 ash but still remain unfertilized.
  3. Same problem here, but mine doesn't consume water stuck in a pipe at all. If you destroy a pipe containing water leading to a lavatory, you'll get an unlimited water supply to your lavatory. It also doesn't create polluted water.
  4. same, i actually created vests for each of my dupes but they all eventually drop it somewhere after equipping it.
  5. Always getting stuck when planting that last cactus in a 2x2 cactus grid. Even if you plant it on the other side where its almost impossible to get stuck, you get teleported to the middle.
  6. Can Confirm, they spawn again Σ: Is this intentional after that small update?
  7. Every time i quit/force quit inside a volcano, it resets the season to Day 60 and the start of Dry Season. This happened twice to me. Once during mild season (Day 78) and during early hurricane season (Day 106). I entered the volcano to gather some elephant cacti and some gold. My booty bag burned from a random both instances. Pressed Cmd+Q (on Mac) to quit. When i log back in, I'm reliving Dry Season again. The days remaining seem to change for both day resets though. The first time my Day reset, I had 13 days remaining in Dry season. The second time it reset, I had 12 days remaining in Dry Season. I'm using a mod for showing more status so i noticed this the second time it happened. It also messed around with my day counter. In the volcano it reset to Day 60, but when I exit the volcano, it continues on with the day i had before i entered the Volcano (Day 107)...but STILL Dry Season. However, maps, items, and stats remain the same. Previously Foraged / Dugged Up / Mined items in Volcano aren't reset. Only the season and the days changes.