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  1. I can confirm - it happens to me, too, and it's reproducible. (Build: EX1-445739, Windows x64) The mass will go from e.g. 9.9 to 9.10, and then switches to 10.0.
  2. The remote planet graphics disappears, when scrolling up too far, and then pausing the game. In general the planet "jumps" when doing so. I assume it has something to do with the parallax effect, maybe.
  3. I tried deleting everything (from all folders that ONI made), but I can't get past the main menu. The main menu works again, but I cannot start a game.
  4. Hello, so I was messing around in the new main menu of the game, with the Spaced Out DLC active. In the bottom right, there's a checkmark that allows you to disable the DLC - and I clicked that. I was asked to confirm deactivation and that a restart would be required. I confirmed, and the game started - and crashed after the Klei logo (the menu didn't even load, just the background music was playing as the "black hole ate my game") What I tried in hope of fixing the problem: Deactivate / Reactivate the DLC in the steam properties Reinstall the game (again with DLC on / off) After discussing the issue on the ONI discord, a potential solution was to remove the kplayerprefs.yaml - however, it didn't fix the issue
  5. I've built a set of machines to deal with CO2, however, the Carbon Skimmer stopped working after a while. Rebuilding the Skimmer made it work for a couple of seconds, then stop dead again. Another thing I tried was attaching a signal switch to restart the machine - again, it worked for a couple of seconds before stopping once more. I've asked people on the ONI discord for help, and was told that 300g of CO2 is needed to generate a packet of PH2O liquid - and I observed the following: Whenever rebuilt the machine / restarted the automation, the skimmer would fill its inventory with CO2 - the CO2 is then consumed normally, and new CO2 is drawn into its inventory (but slower than it is consumed), and PH2O packets are emitted. However, as soon as the CO2 contents of the skimmer are below 300g, it stops dead, and won't consume any more CO2, nor emit PH2O. The save file is attached in a .zip, just in case. Cheers!
  6. I believe it's only related to that boss in specific, but when I was dragging my attack card over his markers, they (aswell as the boss name itself) would flicker on/off each frame or so. The screenshot caught a moment where that info was currently invisible. (1080p, fullscreen, two monitors)
  7. As seen in the screenshot, the tooltip states " your draw pile". This seems a bit weird, especially, since it was an effect applied by an ally to an enemy. It made me scratch my head how an ally would debuff my character... especially, since the attack didn't even target her in the first place. Maybe reword it to something like "adds injury cards to the target" ?
  8. During negotiations, when having a certain number of arguments, the one at the top center will not display enemy attack numbers correctly, due to the indicator being too far above the displayed area of the screen (1080p fullscreen) Edit: it seems to happen, when the player character is additionally(!) hit by something... it also fixes itself when tabbing out of the fullscreen and then back in. I'll make sure to add a screenshot, when I notice this problem again...
  9. With a bridge selected, hovering over various menu items will cause the building ghost to be invisible, and only the input/output segments are displayed. This happens for bridges and other buildings alike.
  10. In order to build intersecting bridges, the build menu needs to be quit and re-entered (or a bridge task needs to be placed at a different location first). Otherwise, the build task can't be placed. The same thing will happen for both liquid and gas bridges.
  11. Yeah, I concur. I always expected it to work like that aswell.
  12. As of the Ranching Update Mark 1, this still applies.
  13. Can only second this. It also happens in R1-260847.
  14. I second this. It seems to even affect all of the other critters, too, not just hatches...
  15. I noticed something similar to that in OC-256131, the building "ghost" wouldn't disappear, and the dupes would continue building all the time (I don't think it showed the "broken" tooltip, however) On a sidenote, the game seems to allow building farm tiles over regular tiles, but not the other way round (?)
  16. While most (if not all) resources are visible in the overview - there is no "liquifiable" tab, nor was I able to find ice or any of it's derivates in any of the other tabs.
  17. I playing around with the automation tools, being inspired by youtube videos about door super compressors like this one. ( ) It worked well for a long time (200 cycles or so), at least no error was visible to me. Eventually, after connecting a ton of pumps to stripmine the oil reserves, I estimated that the stored liquid (roughly 400 tons at that time) might barely reach 500 tons, before the reserves would be depleted. A few cycles later - the pumps were still running - I noticed an unusual increase in mass... 2000(!) tons. I concluded that it I must have made a mistake in my estimation, that the doors might cover some liquid that I couldn't select. After the pumps ran out, I checked back to see the final amount of the asteroid-wide oil - and what I got was this: over 15 million kgs of oil - almost 10 times as much as before (and that's only one tile... no idea about the grand total). With my setup, it would take over 70 hours of uninterupted pump action at x3 speed... and while there's a ton of cycles on the clock, digging down to oil happened roughly 200 cycles before the screenshot.
  18. When looking at the filter settings for gas or liquid filters, the upper icon's color is inconsistent - Generally, the input is a white arrow, facing into a 'tunnel', with the outputs being green for regular and orange for filtered, both having the arrow face out of that 'tunnel'. However, in filters, the regular output is drawn in a white color (instead of green). The arrow's direction appears to be correct. I noticed that, when I was building a larger pipe system as the liquid backed up at some point... checking my filter settings, I didn't notice any errors... until I realized that the white connector is obviously supposed to be the input - not the unfiltered output.
  19. All of my gas filters show "Filters: Chlorine" - no matter what they're set to, which overlay I choose, etc.
  20. "Heavi-watt" seems to be intentional. Everything connected to the wire (including connector plates, etc.) share the same spelling. I found a copy/paste error in the title of the temp sensor: (Pressure -> Temperature)
  21. The description text has been fixed ^_^ However, there's still a problem with the "title" of the sensor settings - it reads "Pressure Threshold":
  22. Can confirm. My Metal Refinery is doing the same thing and drops these weird water bottles upon each production. Only a part of the liquid is sent through the output pipe. If my pipes break however, then it's because of the water becoming steam.
  23. The description of the Thermo Sensor reads: "A lotic hydro sensor outputs a 1..." I believe that it should read 'logic' and... 'thermo' ^_^