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  1. Hamlet is easy as one two three

    i need a tour of this base.
  2. How do you do this kind of thing? Servers reset once everyone dies, which means it would be in danger of resetting if no one was on.
  3. Is Don't Starve/ Together Dying?

    It lost players during the gorge/forge event for reasons the devs explained and for another reason i think too be true. That is that these events where limited and not permanent updates, so the game hadn't got an actual update in a really long time
  4. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    Yeah but, his stats are right there in the post, they would list it if they change that
  5. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    They can't. So monster meat only reduces sanity
  6. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    But can he be healed by wortox's souls?
  7. All of this doesn't seem necessary or needed in the game.
  8. What's your criteria for a good world? Do you like certain biomes close to each other? do you pick specific settings? What kind of setpieces do you want? For me it's Both deserts, Pig king Deciduous, Swamp, Bee queen, Reed trap, and triple mactusk if i'm playing for others As well as an aesthetically pleasing map too, One that looks "good" and makes everything pretty simple/easy to get too. Tons of pig houses and bunny hutches for mid to late game farms help as well
  9. What about magma?

    i always imagined the cave's void should be magma
  10. Showcase for Boats

    Simple practical boat on my maxwell run
  11. it'd be wise to treat the hounds as a raid boss and bring a lot of back up armor and healing when boating Although late game could be fixed by building a bridge of boats to the lunar islands
  12. [Game Update] - 336897

    >hamlet turf isn't leaky anymore Finally.
  13. After boats and water mechanics got added, Pengulls need to change. A lot of good base locations are ruined because pengulls can spawn there, And there pretty annoying Pengulls shouldn't spawn from rivers and instead should spawn from oceans
  14. wouldn't it be an easy fix to apply the walls/catapults/statues on all sides? Which means you can *technically* build the far anywhere
  15. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel