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  1. Shipwrecked Beta Pictures

    i like your sea base design but why play Walani? She's only good for early game.
  2. Endless Bosses

    Bait hit twice move back. Your welcome
  3. Trading is an experience, it comes with many delightful ones but also many ****ty ones, Today was one of those delightful or should i say really lucky ones. >gets home from school >friend hits me up >GreetsFriend.jpeg >says whos your favorite character >WX78 >oh i have the triumphant for that lets trade lol >trades >asks for 5 spiffys and one distinguished >i give him my 5 least favorite spiffies and one distinguished (i gave him raggedy rags from willow xd) >likes what i offered him >puts in triumphant >bothconfirm.exe >??? >profit .