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  1. I was hoping they used the almost unused already existing "seed" mechanic This mod to say the least, is something we've needed for a while now and dear god this is a damn good one. I can see a lot of people using this often. You developers are amazing!
  2. Question about this mod, Does this create a whole new "seed" mechanic or does it takes the "seed" value each world is assigned (because I'm pretty sure each world has a seed however it's extremely tedious to obtain and reuse) and allows us to easily just put the seed in as easy as that? That's what this mod is for right?
  3. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    Configurable options would be absolutely amazing and would satisfy everyone who plays the game. While where add it this may be off topic but it goes off of what Bellum says Even though you're quoting people, I think there is a solution for those who make redundant recipes and that is to add in a "beastiary" section for mobs and food in the main menu. Or in general just a section to describe a certain function or anything really, a more vague but easily accessible wiki per say
  4. Cookie Cutters and Pumpkin Cookies

    But what if you made fish with a cookie?
  5. So "Them" are a new antagonist in the lore, relating to the whole return of them theme. Got it. So since shadow creatures are a product, these "Them" things must be shadow related or maybe charlie herself? I know charlie must have played a part in the rise of these new lunar islands.
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Is this some sort of mod? or unused files?
  7. Atleast I'm sure they are? I remember watching your video on DS lore and you explained the correlation between "them" and "terrorbeaks" I think it was a letter maxwell had written and described his first encounter with a terrorbeak, right?
  8. In the lore Shadow creatures are referred to as "them"
  9. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    So geometric placement is something people wouldn't enjoy being seen in the game? That's the only mod I can realistically see being added, and rightfully so.
  10. What kind of farms?
  11. I'm going to sum up my side and OP's side here so we can get to an agreement and try to get this function back. The nerf for the moon glass, was absolutely un-needed, in practice, pre-nerf moon-glass farming was not an imbalance of any kind, as for the items you get using moon glass aren't good enough to be considered an imbalance. If KLEI actually planned to add incredible items to the crafting-station, then they could've done something else because this also halts late game farming too, and having too rely on world gen is by far a poor way and there are multiple ways to balance this and not make gaining moon rocks obsolete. For example, decrease the cooldown from 20 days, to 5 minutes but don't make them full moon exclusive? Or bring the old system back because this is totally balanced considering how, and I keep repeating, that these items aren't good enough to be this difficult to mass-produce, you previously couldn't and still can't do this outside of a full moon, AND "it looks broken" solely because you're collecting a lot isn't a valid point (sorry but I felt like I should've expressed that too. Proof reading this, my ideas up here don't actually take into account if Klei actually added better and cooler items to the alter. My head is going a bit blank when it comes to these ideas, can you help me out here? If a mod is created that implements the past mechanics I encourage you to test this out in a survival world because in practice it definitely was not op at at, I discourage use of commands because that is going to warp the results significantly, treat it like a science experiment.
  12. Alt-tab Crop Sheet

    Is there a program to shuffle these around in an order, Because people might want to put dishes they want to make higher on the list and less desirable ones lower. To make the list easier to read. Of course you can just rewrite it in your own way and do it yourself in excel or another program. This is just a tip/suggestion for you crockpot people.
  13. Shipwrecked compatibility warning

    "What's the best thing you can make in the game?" Sea/Skyworthy.
  14. Any unknown mechanic to share?

    Did you know? You're not a good player until you've survived 100+ days with this mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=276341701&searchtext=hard+mode does this count as an unknown mechanics?
  15. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    It was confirmed that this character would be completely unique and brand new, Not from a previous game or from unused-files.