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  1. Here's a sketch of Chester! This is how I imagine Chester in real life.
  2. Here I come after 28 days! With a WIP of Creepy Wendy coming from a TV. My inspiration was Sadako from a horror movie (The) Ring.
  3. Don't Starve x Undertale Mettaton's legs really fit Tallbird lol
  4. Here is a sketch of Willow in my style. I kinda like it
  5. Hi! Here I come with another Charlie fan art XD Tell me what you think and what I can improve!
  6. Thank you! I'll try! Seems like a fun thing! Thank you so much! ^^
  7. Ahh,thanks so much for commenting! This was just a sketch,so I used a light pencil. I was going for human proportions actually. Thank you!
  8. Hi! :3 I am new to the forums,so if I do anything wrong please tell me. Anyways,I made this topic to post my not so great fan art ;u; Here's the first one: Very bad quality,I know,I know... I wanted to take a better picture,but I couldn't find the paper ;-;
  9. Are you kidding me?! I mean,it's a nice idea,but...Sea hounds are WAY more adorable....