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  1. I'm sorry, it's been a HOT minute since I last replied, how's it been? I was hecking busy ;-;... Anyways, what I wanted to say was that I already did that, and even checked all of the mods again to make sure I deleted my workshop mod, sure enough, I think I did. I feel like my issue now is something with the formatting of the updated mod's code, and I wanted to know what is wrong with it. I did send you the zip, did it work on your end? If it did, what am I doing wrong?
  2. uhh,,,do you just want my .zip file? I'm wayy to confused at this point.Before I ask, how would I go about updating the mod? Kar.rar
  3. I would send you the txt file, but I believe I can do you one better by figuring out the Exact problem with the mod! So, in essence...I did something wrong with my picture? here's the file anyways so you don't have to ask for it client_log.txt
  4. Oh! So like this! Okay! SO yeah it appears that I did that. How do I get you the error logs so that you may see what is going on? idk how I can do that :/ Yup! there was in fact, one other one, I got rid of it, now I'm dealing with the fact that the actual, updated one, is not working.
  5. Umm, is this what you were talking about? Making sure everything is under the name of the mod? Is that what you meant? I did indeed did this, still doesn't work. If you want, you may have my compiled folder? I could send it if you want, check and see if anything's wrong? W-what? I wouldn't even know how I could've done that! Much less figure out how to fix it! You mean the ID for the mod? idek where to find that ;-;
  6. I...am the mod's author. But I'll go check to see if I published it by any chance! What happened is that somehow, an older version I made(Kar Maldov), and have since deleted from existence, is in the game, but not in the mods folder, whereas the new one (Kar), is in the mods folder, but not in the game... Okay, so It turns out you guys were right, and I did actually publish a version of this, and it got deleted, but now the game crashes whenever I use the game, so it seems like I just don't know how to update the mod properly. So you said change the prefabs? what do you mean by this?
  7. So I was trying to get a new version of my mod to use in play, it's called Kar, thing is, I had an outdated version, which I deleted in the mods folder, I probably did something wrong, and It may require some more explanation, but long story short, my updated character mod is not being shown in the game (despite being shown in the autocompiler ) and TWO outdated versions of it appear in the game (ahh it's multiplying!) I'm not any decent at computer things, so I definitely did something wrong, can anyone help me pinpoint to what that is??? I'll give you any information you need, here are two images that should describe what's going on, to a small degree: The in game copy of two outdated versions. The current state of my mods folder Pls send help ;-;