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  1. Could you make a config text file just to edit the X uploads before restart the game, I dont now if this is really a problem, but people with more ram could run the game for more time before restarting it. Make a default value, without the text file, and just who really read the instructions can make the text file manually and put in the folder. Thanks!
  2. Great mod, will contribute with the DB tomorrow. One question (take your time to answer, go to sleep =D ), is there any way to filter by trait? I see two separate tools for traces and maps. Let's say I want a geoactive and metal rich world, with at least one iron volcano, how could i do? Right now, in this case, I am search manually for this two traits, after search for a world with iron volcano. Thanks!
  3. Absolute not! Please stop reading only the initial problem, the real problem is the lack of gold in the making of Super Coolant.
  4. [RESOLVED IN THE NEW 352488 BUILD] Progress to Tuned Up the Petroleum Generator will go back to 0 if the Petroleum Generator change his activated/deactivate state. This will make the dupe stuck in this errand if the Petroleum Generator always change his activated/deactivate state. Not tested with another generators.