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  1. Heyo! I'll try to let you know of everything I remember: (This save's already been deleted, as I encountered it yesterday and saw no need to continue on that file) -I had recently (The night before, I think) stayed in another store for the whole night to see what happened -I was playing as Warbucks -I couldn't see in the Academy, I checked one other store and it, too, was black. Hope this helps BlackStoreGlitch.txt
  2. When your friends are making plans you know they won't go through with and ask if you're coming: (I'm sorry)
  3. Hey-o! Guess who actually turned up this millennium? It's this fella. He's lookin' like a bean, not at all mean, and a lean green chillin' machine! BTW, I got a drawing tablet, and I'm bad at using it. This is my best result yet, and I got it a month ago
  4. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh. I was going to come back, I swear.
  5. Welp... I tried To make an animatic, of course. It turned out worse than my already-low expectations, but I'm at least proud I managed to draw a skeleton. That's all I have to say. Spooky Scary Skeletons
  6. I wish I could say I had something better to give today, but... Well, I don't. Also, I'm sorry it's in such a cringe-inducing, low quality format. The thing I normally use to sew the pictures together has changed and it isn't free anymore (a real shame, it was a great website). I had to use the next best thing (Also my IPad refuses to take pictures of decent quality) (I promise I'll have something better tomorrow) (Wow I have a lot of parenthesis today)
  7. Huh. Didn't know that. I'll have to look into that XD
  8. Sooo... I meant to start this huge list of cool Halloween stuff for here ages ago, but school exists... Anyways, I promise I'll do better. He's to THE SPOOPY MONTH
  9. I've been bogged down with school stuff for a few days so now I want the duplicants to suffer go to school too. Except Oscar is way too happy about it But seriously. I had this idea that they should be able to attend classes taught by other duplicants And after1-3 cycles, with 2 being the average (1 for Fast Learner, 3 for Slow Learner), they'd gain a skill point in whatever skill is being taught, and for the next 2 cycles they gain points for that skill at twice the rate. So finally, you can have more than just the one really good painter! (I always end up with the one somehow because I never get over 2 Creativity out of the Printing Pod, so I have to cancel them doing anything but art just to get it done in a dozen cycles). Or someone who gets sick a lot can finally take medicine classes and study... how to improve their on immune system? So, like, they first 1/4 of the class you be notes, the second 1/4 would be practice, the third 1/4 more notes, then the last 1/4 is a test. Then, once class ends, they get the benefits. And yes, I know this isn't where new ideas go, I just want to put it here with my drawing.
  10. Sooo... These three got themselves in a predicament ------ "Heelo" , "Heeeelllloooo!!!" , "Wait what is happening to my coffee?" "Oh" , "OH NOPE this will not end good" , "Oooohhhh... That explains it. WAIT NOOOOO MY COFFEE!!!" "Heh heh heh. U dun know how to float. U is fallin. Heh." , "AHHHHHHH" , "MY COFFEE WILL NOT PERISH IN VAIIIIIINNNN AAUUUGGGHHH"
  11. Welp. I had just finished and was about to upload my Dupe for the Day when I saw the previous entries. I suddenly couldn't help myself. So here we are. She's really Lindsay who printed right on top of a rogue slickster, but she prefers Miss Slick(ster) Edit: I made this. Please help me I need help
  12. Welp. It's been awhile, huh? I know my art isn't anything to look forward to, but still, I apologize for not being active. Loads of stuff has come up in the family. Anyway, I'm making my return! Woo! *Crickets* Okay, but really. Sorry it is so low quality. I've had the idea in the back of my mind for ages, but I finally got around to drawing it. And it turned out pretty bad. I've been really tired, I promise I've got a good one lined up for tomorrow. Eh, but who cares about my ramblings! I suppose you ought to "Enjoy" SO! I ASK THEE! Did Stinky go to Disneyland, or is this new Dupe... "Stubbles" (I'd get more creative, but honestly, Stubbles sounded pretty good to me.) Based on the following image.
  13. So, I've been trying my hand at the newest upgrade, in Beta form! (If ya didn't know, you can play the Beta for the next update for this, and apparently all, subsequent upgrades!) So yeah, I've got a few ideas, but sadly this was the best I had. ------------------------ Devon thinks it is a nice bathroom I beg to differ
  14. There has been an accident replanting the Mealwood...
  15. Someone got a new suit, and they look quite dapper