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  1. If you place two ships near a sea yard, and swap from one another while the ship you jump from is being repaired, the repairing animation will still play out on the ship you jumped to, even if is full on health. In the case the health of the ship you jump to is not full, it wont heal the ship. And the animation will or will not play out depending if it was playing or not before you jumped ship. These can be fixed as easily as going away from the Sea Yard area of repairing and come back.
  2. I'm afraid I do not know what might have caused this crash, so I do not know how to replicate it, but I was sailing through the seas, and then bump, this screen appeared. I know I was using mods, but the strack traceback doesn't go trough /mods/ and goes directly towards /data/scripts/ so I assumed it was a problem with the original code. I would try to replicate it without the mods, but I have no idea what might have caused it in the first place, as I was just sailing normally. Apologies for being so vague
  3. I clicked on tar with the mouse and tried to use it as fuel for a campfire while inside a volcano. But before I could do anyting, it instanly crashed. Probably due to some glitch with the placement with tar traps in a volcano. I've done this a few times now, and each time I grab the tar the game crashes.