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  1. The Game's becoming a big hit in Viet Nam, THANKS for your effort!
  2. Realistic Yield

    Version 1.0.0


    A super simple Mod to mess with the Grinding that everyone hates but will never admit (since it "make the game more challenging and rewarding", lol). I made this after sometime playing this game on my friend's laptop, trying to farm hound's tooth for those sweet sweet traps, and got about 1 tooth after massacring 20 or so. Then i went to the workshop to grab some mods, and got desperate realizing there is next to no mod that helps increasing the drop rates, which i found very irritating. So i learnt Lua, studied the Game's API for about 2 hours, and somehow managed to make exactly what i wanted. This mod is very simplistic and unpolished (Just messing with some prefabs and all), but because i'm in college so i won't spend much time updating this. If you like this Mod's Idea, feel free publish a more complete mod for every creature. For more details: 100% chance to get pigskin for killing pigs 100% chance to get honey for killing bee 100% to get Hound's Tooth for killing normal Hounds 100% to get Beefalo's Horn for killing Beefalos (but make them drop less meats and wools for balance issue) Increase the chances to get Tentacle Spot, Bat Wing and Guano This mod can somewhat works with Shipwrecked, but recommended not to since there are some issues with compatibility (Remember to NOT make your world compatible with SW)