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  1. Dlc: Swamp cluster Rules : Hardest difficulty , no care packages, and you must take duplycant every time until you have 12 of them . Goal: Ffulfil Home Sweet Home requirements at cycle 200 . or build monumet as fast as possible my rekord is 166 cycles it is mutch more fun then vanila speed run because you need go to other planetoids for resources. And you cant skip early game because you need 24k cal per cycle ..
  2. Hello. Can we get build in vent to the space in space ships interior? So we can pump out unwanted gases out of the ship. Canister filler is tedious for this necessity . very often is simpler to delete and rebuild whole capsule . And capacity to attach rocket to electric grid of the base while is standing on the rocket platform. edit : lol fastes devtem ever. 2h and new beta build is out whit this features . GJ and THX