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  1. Cannot connect to my own Server

    Works with wine, so I'll use that in the meanwhile
  2. Cannot connect to my own Server

    Made the game freeze. Here is the new client_log.txt. It basically added a new attemps + connection time out... Am I the only Linux user on who this happens since last update? Thanks for the answer btw
  3. Hi everyone, Since last week, I cannot connect to my own servers when I host a game including a cave. I have this issue on old games as well as in new games. Server is generating or launching, and I then get stuck at connection screen. I can still connect to other games through browsing, so the problem seems to be on my server part. I run DST on archlinux. I attached the client log client_log.txt, the master server log server_log.txt and the cave log server_log.txt. Basically it says that I'm able to connect on the server side, and on the client side it gets stuck at "focus gained" and "focus lost". If I cancel while on connecting screen, DST freezes and I have to kill it the hard way. No mods are installed. Hope you guys can help.
  4. I actually get this error error after I kill DST because of a first failure. Before that, I sucessfully launch or generate a new server, and then get stuck at connecting screen before I kill DST and then get the "Dedicated server fails to start" error.
  5. Hello everyone, Since last update (the one with Winona), I am unable to host any game including caves, whether a new game or an old one. I use DST on linux and never had problems before. Any solution?