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  1. [RESOLVED] Can't select character/world settings

    I found a solution to my problem! First I opened documents then Klei then Do not starve then settings.ini I put disable cloud on true and then I installed the game again with cloud disabled I lost my two new characters, but twenty days lost are no problem, at least I can play the game again.
  2. [RESOLVED] Can't select character/world settings

    I started the game again and it still crashes when I try to leave world settings I also always get that notification, whenever I click on something. log.txt
  3. Can you tell me what exactly you did, because I have the same issue, thanks
  4. Whenever I click on a character, I get the question mark. Whenever I try to change something about the world the game crashes and I can't go back to the menu. I only have the clever crockpot mod. I tried to install steam and DS on a different computer but I got the same problem there. log.txt
  5. On my first day I straight run into a killerbee biome On my second day I tried out what would happen in darkness I also got really afraid of poor and innocent beefalo, it took me 15 days until I had enough courage to come close to them When I got the giant warning for the first time I just waited at my basement