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  1. Excellent, thanks! I removed the unnecessary lines and changed all the lower cases to uppercases (I also editted the image/saveslot_portraits tex named as "beaker" to "bea") and the character actually appears in the list of characters now, but whenever I try to click on him the game crashes. Here's the log in case you need it I found out what was wrong with the textures and I fixed them, now the character actually appears and is able to be chosen, nevertheless when it finishes creating the world the game crashes. here's the new log Nevermind, I already fixed it, it just needed a . after sanity xD my bad. Anyway, thank you so so much for your help! I'm glad you stopped by to answer the first post in this thread <3
  2. Oki doki! I did it and here's the result
  3. I've been trying to create a custom character mod for my own use, but I can't make it work. I followed step by step all the guides I could find and still when I try to activate the mod, the game crashes. Can somebody help me? I'm kind of new to all of this. Here's the file:!NbZS0T4J!gPZlKt0I6rgT6q67hNuaK-Ug8mRabDswJxmvlGTu_6c