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  1. Duplicates are messed up and game is slow.

    ok Direct X 11 isn't included in the requirements, and I paid to play this game with these listed requirements. I havn't found anyway to get Direct X for Mac. What should I do? I spend money for a game that won't work on here...
  2. This would be a game play and graphics complaint I want to realy enjoy this game, but when I load it up, it takes 12min to get to the title screen. When I get to the title, and everything is done loading, I get this.. Eventually, more and more lines of neon purple build up until it's hard to see the background. The title, news about Outbreak and the New Game options etc are fine if not really slow. I don't think this is what the duplicates are suppose to look like... Anyway, I thought maybe it's just the title the options to see if there is any way I can help this. I make the resolution lower, then Make a new game and... This is the entire game right now. Waited 5 or so minets to fix, but it didn't. Painfuly slow. My moue was fine but the little box that describes what its one was way behind. I don't know how many FPs it's slow. I had a hard time command it to quit too. Then I closed it, played Don't starve (Awesome game btw) and DS worked fine, opened Oxygen not included and same thing happened as before. This is my computer. This is the requirements for Oxygen not included. I hope the screen shots help. If anyone knows how to; fix this, my computer isn't powerful enough or if it's just a bug that needs to be quashed in an update. Please enlighten me on what's going on!