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  1. Usually you have to log into a developer’s website, using an Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID in order to let them track you (most developers do this). Maybe this way, we console players can get the Metheus puzzle . Thanks, I can’t wait, specially being able to purchase skins directly from you guys.
  2. @JoeW just posted Klei’s plans for the future updating of the console versions:
  3. 1) Will console players be able to have access to the loyal skins for purchasing shipwrecked and RoG? 2) Will console players be able to have access to buying skins directly from you guys? 3) Will console players be able to have access to skin trading and/or more skin drops (to make up for a lack of marketplace/ trading)? Than you so much much for the update.
  4. Oooooof's statement

    Make a “looking for post” in the “social hub” part of the game. In my opinion, that is the best way to get people to join your game. The quality of the people varies a lot though.
  5. Christmas feast bugged on ps4?

    “The Nightmare before Winter’s Feast”?
  6. I would also like the idea of being able to control the beard’s length. I think Wilson would be able to figure out how to cut the beard to length.
  7. I would love the idea of having customized beards, but since only two characters have them (I know Webber’s is not really a beard), it would be hard to get. The scarf, tie idea seems good too.
  8. It is just not worth the time to tame a beefalo, I only did it on the Xbox for the achievement. Not only is it so long and hard to tame, it it’s really easily. To make it better, they would need to rework most of the taming aspect, and make it into something new. They might as well scrap everything and start over. So that is my suggestion to make it better, Klei should just scrap the mechanic and start over.
  9. Redeem Codes, Characters, and Trading

    There is no official answer as of yet. I forgot what developer commented a while back about how he thought it was already implemented. I understood that as them going to eventually bring support to loyalty skins on the PS4 (and hopefully the Xbox later). My suggestion would be to keep this discussion open, so that the developers keep seeing interest in this. If they do not see major interest, nothing will happen.
  10. Christmas feast bugged on ps4?

    Same thing on Xbox. I would have loved to have more time, being able to get more Hallowed Nights skins. At least you guys got a month of Hallowed Nights, we got about 2 weeks.
  11. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I liked playing Wigfrid over Wolfgang and WX because she wasn’t boring. I lost interest pmayingtanks after the beta, maybe because I mostly played them in it. That is why after the beta, if I had to be a tank, I usually chose Wigfrid or Woodie if we didn’t have a runner.
  12. Happy Holidays

    Thank you! Now that you point it out, they do look untrustworthy, lol.
  13. Happy Holidays to everyone! I made this for my girlfriend for the holidays, and wanted to share it with you guys too.
  14. All Achievements Reward

    In most other games, the reward for 100% a game is an achievement. Getting/Expecting a reward for completing the Forge achievements is weird, since Klei doesn't give out rewards based on merits, only gifts/loot boxes.