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  1. My Elegant Woodguard Head for your Elegant Willowfly?
  2. People below the level posted still join. Someone actually told me once, "you weren't born lvl 30"....... I honestly do not know why they would waste people's time like that.
  3. Please bring to Xbox

    They can just do an Xbox Preview (similar to Early Access) release without releasing the full game on PC. Knowing Klei, they will probably release it on PS4 before Xbox.
  4. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I agree, the spiral spear looks awesome.
  5. Disappearing assets in main menu.

    Yeah, I have gotten that too.
  6. Every time I try to create a new world, and choose from the Forest or Cave Presets using the right analog stick, it always moves twice. For example, if I flick the right stick on 'Generic Fores", it will usually go to "Together Plus" (two options ahead). Like if I was flicking the analog stick twice, it is really annoying! Thank you.
  7. Please bring to Xbox, I would love to play it there. Thank you.
  8. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I am glad they didn't do this, because I want to use that awesome helmet skin on any character.
  9. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I thought they gave her what she has because she is/ is trying to be a valkyrie?
  10. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    I think both of them are better than the barbed helmet.
  11. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    Hey @Maslak, do you know if we will be able to use the trade forge skins at the trade inn with the beefalo guy after Forge is over? I am assuming probably not.
  12. Could you guys please add the Nox helmet skin? The barbed helmet is Okay, but the Nox Skin is so much better.
  13. I put it on the market place, if you want to trade, let me know so I can take it off of it.
  14. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    I found it the hard way in the beta that once someone starts to insult you, they will keep doing it. Worst yet, others will join. I understand that it is a stressful game, but if someone insults me (I play with randoms mostly), I will leave, because I will not stand for that ****. Another thing I learned is that in these forums, a lot of people don't give a **** about others. And the worst part is that they get "likes" for being assholes.
  15. Forge Skins?

    Will you be able to trade them in with the Beefalo guy after the event?