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  1. It also sounds like triumphant wormwood can work as a mini lamp, or a figure with a glowing eye, not sure what material fits best for the eye though.
  2. Chester plush but make it woby? Since she's built like chester, it makes sense (bonus as a container), big woby though hmmmm...
  3. event's here and it's good time to head to trade inn to gamble /jk
  4. I got 3 heirloom distinguished Hallowed Nights' body skins (1 is a duplicate) and spiffys from classy skins, while I got none of the event skins from common skins. So I assume the rate of getting event skins is higher in trading in classy skins than common skins, which I think has changed from previous Hallowed Nights. Also I usually don't bother with trade inn and wait till events thanks to a bad previous experience (I got a distinguished duplicate from excess spiffys ._. ). For now I keep the extra spiffys just in case and I do the trade inn just to hoard skins.
  5. I rolled at trade inn with my accumulated common and classy skins an hour ago, since Hallowed Nights and Winter's Feast usually increase the chances of getting season specific skins. It is also the same time where the steam market trend changes drastically since more of these skins = more people wanting to sell them. (Also good way to declutter my inventory since it caused trade inn to lag twice /jk)
  6. That's...not really what the other side is saying. I do remember 1 player in that thread who did say they want the designs to be altered, but most players who are disturbed by the designs are asking for a mod or a filter implemented for the mobs' designs. As for this mod (, I remember seeing many comments (before deleted) who are being rude towards them, so shrug. That really has nothing to do with the current topic on hand, like new mob designs with the body horror factor scaled up that disturbs some players =/= real world troubling topics or whatsoever. Also, your mindset is not helpful towards the whole player base in general, and once again this is an official games forum, so no insults or rude behavior towards other players in this thread about the mob designs, peace out.
  7. I'm sincerely not liking how many of these responses are being really rude to other players' comfort levels. As someone who loves the horror hound and pengull designs, I understand that there are other people who are really disturbed by the designs, since this is the first time Klei has designed mobs that upped the body horror level (horror pengull's visible viscera for eg). Keep in mind that this is during the initial RoT beta, where Klei is slowly introducing more base game content, and I have seen some players' responses on a thread who wished that there is a filter or mod for these mobs as it caused them to be unable to explore more of the new content. It's disappointing at how some responses in that thread and even now are super condescending towards these players, as if they need to "grow up" or "get over" the mobs' distressing designs ingame that caused them to steer clear of Lunar Isle's content. All they ask for is a filter or even a mod to change their designs for them to continue exploring the new content. Telling these players to stay away from new content or grow up is frankly rude and defeats the purpose of wanting more players to play the game whichever they like. I'm just typing this to tell all of you to be considerate towards other players, because most of the responses in this thread so far are being rude to them. You can like the horror hound and pengull designs and talk about them, without being rude to other players who are uncomfortable with the designs. So stay on topic and be considerate to others.
  8. Anyways, a reminder that it's generally best to join group servers (eg: DST group and Diverse Survivors) if you want moderation and admins, since klei official servers are wild west zones and some players will misuse vote kick for any reasons. Basically, YMMV in klei official servers due to lack of admins.
  9. learning that moles explode from taking gunpowder the hard way
  10. this bug still exists, any non walter player can click on firepit to tell story, only to have a visual bug with this quote
  11. Reported in bug tracker but this is too funny
  12. Hi, I recently saw this bug in the klei official Glommer Goop server where all cave sinkholes are plugged. According to other players, it happened after the server crashed, and we attempted to rollback and even decide to regen server. However, we checked and the bug still persisted. I included the client log and client chat log files, hopefully it helps with the situation. Images of plugged sinkhole bug and the server name: Sinkhole bug persisted after the world regen:
  13. Good news! A mod configured for circular farms is released, so if you want to replicate it heres it! Also aerial view mod helps for better placement
  14. i cant wait to play dst again for the update, so have 2 doodles of willow and bernie (GIANT BEAR) while im stuck in final year project