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  1. Heya, everybody! I've been drawing more and more Don't Starve stuff, either in the art style or character in my own art style, so I figured why not post them around here! My art style is all over the place and I apologize for that. (My persona and my friend in the Don't Starve style) TRUE STORIES Arts of things that happened to me and my friends while playing DST. (How I ruined a whole game in 5 minutes. Luckily, we had just started.) ~(...)~ (Once, I made my base away from my friends and I had to go revived them every 10 minutes.) CHARACTERS Arts of the Don't Starve Characters. (My friend who plays Maxwell just loves that Bush Hat.) ~(...)~ (Lots of Webber.) ~(...)~ (Even more Webber.) ORIGINAL CHARACTER Yeah, I even have one of those... (I even created gameplay mechanics for him that you can find my blog) ~(...)~ (I tried to give him a gothic style. He's very interested in the other realm.) ~(...)~ (He's power hungry and would love to be the king.) ~(...)~ (Old sketches of Wren before I even had the full idea of the character. He didn't even have a name here, just somewhat of a concept.) (He doesn't even have his beard, his bangs covering one eye, or his red coat.) (Already, I imagined him as a bad guy who would love to be the king.) ~(.......................................................)~ More to come! Hopefully.
  2. It reflects his amulet. The frame has one feathery wing and one demonic wing. Also the "eye" on his torso is the gem. The amulet literally took over his body.
  3. Wendy… Well Wendy gets her way with Wren. She learned quite fast that he wouldn’t get aggressive with her and Webber as much as he does with the rest of the survivors. Plus, their fascination for death and occult makes interesting (though morbid) conversations.
  4. Not so heartless. Whatever he says, Wren cares a little bit for the smaller ones. At times like this, even the look in his eyes is different.
  5. @DragonMage156 @minespatch Untriumphant Wren? I really don't know what Untriumphant Wren would be. Maxwell is his dorky mage self if he never meddled with the codex, so Wren is if he never meddled with the occult and the amulet? So pretty much the spineless unpaid butler of the Kingsley family. Choosing between the two, Wren did the good choice to go full Disney villain. If you guys have better Untriumphant ideas, I'm open...
  6. @DragonMage156 Haha, wow I didn't realize it worked for that too. But yeah, totally looks like a Survivor and GOH skin. The first one is more of a default Wren with two eyes, but I mean, he's always Triumphant, like Maxwell. Could have an Untriumphant skin instead.
  7. Villain -> Defeated -> Redeemed Not Don't Starve related, but Wren related? Ehh, just tell me if you don't care about the "AU stuffs". I just really like how it turned out.
  8. CHULUUJSAN Can sometimes collect more from a source. Creates special potion with natural ingredients. Doesn't fight very well. Vegetarian. I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. High Bloods is the name given to the noble families that each control a part of the empire. They gained their power by ruthlessly fighting the other families in a political war, and they are always trying to push down the others and raises themselves up. They are antagonists to my heroes that try to save the empire from that civil war. Wren would be the heir of one of those families. Welp, I know this is not Don't Starve related, but since we're on the subject... After being defeated by my two heroes, losing his eye and being badly injured, Wren is going to be taken in by another character, a peaceful druid cervitaur. Maybe he'll be able to show him the good of the world? After all, the whole "villainism" of Wren is based on the fact that he had been raised in a hateful environment. Alright, I'm leaving this here. If I start delving into my original stuff, it will stop being a Don't Starve related topic.
  10. Here you have Wren in my own personal art style. Pretty bland, nothing too amazing, haha... I refer to it as the HoDR art style, or "Heroes of Du'Rym", the placeholder name for my original universe and story. I would really like to have Wren exist in this universe too, with probably a similar story and personality. He will probably end up as one of the heirs of the High Bloods, powerful antagonists of the story. Though I think he still deserves a happier ending than being banned for eternity into the void with nightmarish creatures. Maybe it will be his time to shine and show the few good qualities he has?
  11. abyss's scribbles

    Wren is fascinated by everything dark magic and occult. He is greedy and power hungry, his only goal is to reach the throne and become the Shadow King to gain even more power. He posses an amulet from Them that let him take control of others creatures (not intelligent ones, though) by using his life force, kinda like Maxwell's Codex. He is already corrupted by the dark forces at play and doesn't really care about his own life, only for the power he can gain. There's more to it, but I don't want to bore you with all that. Haha. It would be a very interesting meeting, that's for sure.
  12. abyss's scribbles

    Hello, yes, I have been summoned? I think Wren would be totally fascinated in some way with her, being an occult fanatic. Don't know if it's a good or a bad thing, knowing Wren. Love your arts, they look very nice. The Catcoon is adorable.
  13. Local vampire jerk transforms into a bat and becomes the pet of a young death fanatic girl. More The Gorge related art with Wren cursed as a vampire because the joke is still funny to me. But hey, that’s still better than being cursed into a Merm, so get back to work!
  14. @DragonMage156 He's gonna need a lot of solar cream and a parasol, that's for sure. :V
  15. Quick! Someone find him a Dracula cape. Just make sure he doesn't bite you! Haha.
  16. You might want to look at yourself in a mirror, Wren……On a second thought, that might not work. In the honor of the beginning of The Gorge event, here’s Wren in the theme of this realm. But… He’s already dressed in Victorian clothes. The gateway still found a way to mess with him, though.
  17. Remember kids: Don't give your soul and body to evil shadow entities in exchange for power! This is a design idea for Wren as the Shadow King. You could also consider that his Triumphant Skin, I guess.
  18. I created Wren with the idea that he would have been the third and final villain (after Maxwell, then Charlie) that end up being unredeemable, just because I love to fit my ocs snuggingly (is that even a word?) into the current real lore. If you asked me today, with how he evolved for me, I would honestly tell you that I would like to see him have a happy ending. But I still think the bad ending fits better, having been pushed so much into hating people and not trusting anyone that it became his downfall when the heroes try to save him from his death (if any even tries to). So the official story has him having a bad ending, but I do have my own personal AU where he gets a happy ending for my own and my best friend's amusement.
  19. The Masks. And here is his backstory for real this time...
  20. @DragonMage156 What really? I thought anybody could see the characters file on the website, even when not logged in. Welp, so much for sharing it...
  21. @Raspberry Milk I spend a lot of efforts in my characters to make them balanced and complex. So when I created Wren I wanted to have fun by going into an extreme. He still ended complex in the end but in a different way.
  22. Sup' ! Been pretty busy lately. Doing other arts, mostly. Happy that you appreciate me and my friends' misadventures, @Raspberry Milk and @gallusvarius . Alright so, I'm participating in an event called Artfight, and Wren is submitted in my characters for this year along with his full backstory. If you are really interested in finding out everything about it, it's right here: It's probably all kind of edgy, but that's what Wren is at his core. Just my little edgelord.
  23. Those questions will have to go to my friend. I have no idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He probably is though. Haha.
  24. Smol doodle I did for my best friend. Because she has a ship and I am not one to refuse a ship to my best friend.