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  1. This is my slurper friend. All his friends and family were dead so I rescued and relocated him.
  2. Why does there need to be a purpose? Beefalo have just as much right to be on a boat as we do if you ask me.
  3. I'm going to use this to make a beautiful koalephant boat. Thank you kindly <3
  4. I mean, obviously I can see how having a telelocator focus on a boat could be exploited, but I'm not about to point that out because a Deerclops boat would be fab. Hats off to you, friend.
  5. I'm aware Beefalo Boats would be too OP but seriously Klei? Boats are just shy of being large enough for a telelocator focus, meaning that my beefalo are destined to be sad and landlocked. Not to mention my poor koalephants. I mean it's great that you can put bunnies and moleworms on boats and all, and I certainly intend on making a slurper boat, bee boat, pig boat, spooder boat... but my dreams were absolutely shattered when I found out I couldn't make a beefalo boat. All the bunny boats in the world won't be able to fill the gaping hole in my heart where a beefalo boat should be. I feel like this is a massive oversight. Klei devs, pls fix. We need beefalo boats.