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  1. Ok update, Whenever I add caves to the world gen, it breaks. How do I get around this?
  2. I have this code in my modmain; It never once bugged out until today, randomly breaking and not applying the component to any weapon in the world, I removed the global ismaster sim line condition code and it worked partially however the game isn't really recognizing the component being changed. What do I do to fix this? By recognizing I mean it is literally unable to be updated, the component has a boolean and it cannot be read by some other components or in my case, widgets. Normally this all worked fine before today.
  3. ok after about 2 hours of reconfiguring everything to be primarily in the modmain, it now works :DD thank you Monti
  4. So I have these 2 lines of code in the component class function where self.poisonous exists. local owner = inst.components.inventoryitem.owner owner:ListenForEvent("onattackother", function(inst, data) self:OnAttack(inst, data) end) Is this ineffective to have there, I mean it works but I haven't tested with multiple players yet.
  5. Would you mind giving me a bit of guidance on this? So I need to add this component all weapons, because it can be applied to all weapons. then save the data that toggles the poison via a function that activated the poison component.
  6. Well I tried your saving method, Nothing has changed, the load function still does not run and the component vanishes from the item when reloading.
  7. I have created a component that allows me to poison a target temporarily, the function for poisoning the target is on the component. So that whenever I give this component to a weapon, I'm able to tip it with poison. However when I reload my game, it doesn't save the component. This is the code I have located at the bottom of the code, I have it to set self.mod_data to nil on default but I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to do after that, I tried to set the mod_data variable to the prefab of the weapon it's set on function poison_trait:OnSave() return self.mod_data end function poison_trait:OnLoad(data) if data and data.mod_data ~= nil then self.mod_data = data.mod_data end end
  8. So as you know the Shadow Maxwells require to be crafted specifically for the job you make them for. I want to recreate them so that they're universal, as in if they're near a rock they'll mine, a tree they'll chop, a stump they'll dig, You get the idea ^^ As they were like in the original DS. I currently have a few files, old replicas of Shadow Waxwells. Doesn't work anymore though it seems.
  9. So lately I've returned from a break and decided to start modding again, I noticed one of the modded characters I play have a new bug related to a recent update, to where the minion they have do not work entirely. My issue is that I've tried to recreate the original Maxwells Minions, to where they automatically swap to the item necessary. I haven't come close, If anyone has any information or even the answer that'd be great. ^^