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  1. When you're not looking at your dupes they stop in one place and don't do anything. When you finally do look at them they usually pee their pants because they don't go to the bathroom as well. Also the water distiller says invalid building location when flipped.
  2. You aren't allowed to plant if there's a building in the way, but you can bypass this by planting in an offset farm tile and then using the Copy Settings option to plant the plants in front of the buildings.
  3. You can replace a tile with some other type by dragging over it, so you don't have to bother deconstructing first. However, you can't do that with the plastic tiles for some reason (and also plastic ladders).
  4. After putting on a snazzy suit, cool vest or warm sweater the dupes will ignore the checkpoint the next time they pass by it. This only happens once (the first time they pass by the checkpoint) then they start putting the exosuits again.
  5. If you flip the water distiller with [O] it will give this error. Also the heavy-watt joint plate always gives this error.
  6. The lavatory does not receive any water from the pump and does not output any polluted water or germs, yet it still functions. Reloading/restarting the game or rebuilding the lavatory does nothing.
  7. Refrigirators and Ration boxes don't have an option for Sleet wheath Grain and dupes will always try to store Sleet wheath Grain when "Cooking Ingredient" is ticket on.