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  1. Is this Rogue in your avatar btw? If so, excellent taste.

    1. Hechicera


      Thanks. From a very old board (saved the thumbnail).

      Ironically when I first saved it I was only grey on 1/2 of the front in a streak (started the front grey streak in my 20s) and green eyed w/same hair color. Now I'm .. much older .. and grey in exactly Rogue's pattern. So I still rather like it.

    2. Ghengis_John


      Ah that's cool. Her and Wolvie were always my favorite X-Men so thumbs up.

  2. I request only one thing. A spot for Nisbet and Gossman in the animated short that will have to accompany the release. Also is combat ever going to have a purpose in the game? I mean you can use it to kill animals to eat but other than that pacifist isn't much of a drawback. Not that I want my colonies burned to the ground necessarily but I do wonder.
  3. Save File Editor

    Btw Phred, I'd like to thank you for making this and constantly updating it. Every new patch that comes out I have to restart my colony to access the new features, but I'd like to maintain the sense that these are the same dupes and being able to give the new versions of the dupes that show up the old one's (from the previous colonies) traits (like narcolepsy or diver's lungs or goat) or their various likes really helps them maintain the same sort of personality. It helps me a lot with that sense of attachment I developed towards their various eccentricities. If you weren't doing this I'd be having to cycle through each dupe five thousand times.
  4. I take it the "bunker" structure variants are meteor proof?