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  1. I think this patch may have caused a 'new game' bug. I am unable to create any new games on any world. The screen goes grey after picking the asteroid, where the duplication screens should be and resets back to the main menu. I have: disabled all mods uninstalled ONI deleted the klei folders in appdata and documents restarted. reinstalled oni disabled all mods again. No change. This problem occurs on two pcs. Laptop: i7-8750h, GTX1050 Desktop: i7-5820k, GTX 1070 All drivers and bios are update. Log attached. output_log.txt
  2. [Game Update] - 371502

    one in three times, like clock work, when loading a game, all of the buildings are gone, and their is a broken glass design on the open world. q1.sav
  3. my experiences. Since release i am now getting lag much earlier in the game. 60fps drops to 30, by cycle 300. 10 by cycle 500. It used to take about 2,000 cycles to get to 10fps. When it happens, i stop as, 10fps is unplayable. CPU: 5820k / GPU: 1070 / RAM: 16GB cpu sits around 4%. One core averages around 17% GPU sits around 10%. Ram used is around 4Gb, for oni. attached is my most recent save file. 9fps before, this patch.(w2) 12fps after, this patch. (w3) The strange part is, my laptop has the same exact performance (FPS). i7-8750H, 1050Ti, 16GB is there anyway to offload some of these calculations to the GPU? Its basically doing nothing. Also i might be addicted. Thank you for such a wonderful game. w3.sav w2.sav
  4. Known Issues

    with the mark II patch, shine bugs now 'pop' and die randomly when left in the wild. sometimes they are all dead by cycle 5, sometimes a random ammount are alive at cycle 10. It occurs in every map i've tried.
  5. Known Issues

    new dups are unable to join research assistant, but are able to join any other. this has happened 4 times in a row. reloading from a save does not resolve. edit: started a new game. Still happeneing. no dupes past the first ones can become research assistants. The Galactic Spacestation Cycle 24.sav
  6. Natural Gas

    since the Outbreak Upgrade upgrade, natural gas geysers are no longer being generated in new games. I made about 10 or so new games and used the debug menu to check (as i thought i was crazy) and sure enough. they do not appear. In previous saves, they do appear and work correctly. steam geysers do appear and work correctly.