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  1. Update: The crash occurs regardless of whether or not the object's name displays correctly. The game crashed when I tried to purchase some seeds.
  2. Update: The issue is also happening for objects in other skill trees such as the gas mask.
  3. I can vouch for this as well. Sometimes, shopkeepers get stuck running on the left or right walls. Occasionally, they might even get stuck on the ice pedestal (at the grocer). The only way that I've found to remedy this is to purchase a product at a strategic angle from the individual so that they run away from the roadblock.
  4. Objects on the shelves inside the mud spa sometimes display as "MIssing Name." This bug could also possibly affect the other stores. The game crashes upon clicking on said objects. I've included a screenshot of the log
  5. After prototyping a gold weapon (specifically the opulent pickaxe and regal shovel), the blueprint remains locked. I remain unable to craft the items on-the-go.
  6. After hiring a town guardsman and entering your house. While inside the building, the guardsman will be stuck running in-place at the doorway until the player walks upwards to re-position the NPC pathfinding.
  7. The ambient sound (flies) of the pig manure does not stop playing even after picking it up. This makes it seem that there is an additional pile of manure hidden behind an object somewhere close, when there isn't one.