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  1. Yep you were right. Can't believe I did not notice it. Thought they could just jump sideways lol.
  2. As you can see I created both a Grooming Station and a Shearing Station for my Dreckos, but both of them do not work, they simply say "No Critters Available", and the room has been constructed for about a day. And I prioritized the Stations high to begin with so that they get well treated, but this bug seems to be causing my dupes to ignore this room. Ironic Home.sav
  3. I just ran into this, seems stupid, any fixes out there for this? Can we get a clarification if this is expected? I see a lot of bugs in pending state is there a state that represent known bug and fixing in future update or something, so that we at least know you are on it? Oh this is on the Live Branch as well. Probably should be changed as such.
  4. I am having this same issue in the final product.
  5. I had problems in this same area with the new rancher update. But I do like where it is going. I was thinking if it was a priority of urgency thing maybe make a tab/switch that dictates whether it should be priority over urgency (how it is now) or urgency over priority (for cases where things are going to **** and you don't want to reset all the dupes priorities). The other option is have urgencies 8 and 9 maybe override priority. So like 8 or 9 always gets done reguardless of priorities. because dupes stop what they are doing to do those items. Just some thoughts.
  6. Basically I had a colony of dupes roughly 14-18 get low on food where most gained the hunger state. Two days prior to starvation kicking in I re-allocated food production to increase food being produced. After about 1 day some dupes entered the Starvation state. Ultimately one dupe died, but not because there was no food, but because I could never get him to prioritize eating ... For instance when I notice I had one dying from starvation even though my food level had increased to about 5kcal, I ask the dupe that was starving to move next to the refridge where there was at least 5kcal available, the dupe went next to the fridge, and then immediately decided to go back to work instead of eating when it was at around 0-200 calories remaining. It would be nice to know why it was not getting the food in the fridge. Was it already allocated? If so why would starving people not get it allocated first. Also when a dupe is a starving level they should drop everything they are doing to eat if they get assigned a food. Also, might be worth showing a warning for hungry. If that does not happen too often. The Radioactive Cantaloupe.sav
  7. I have found the same error with "heavy watt wire joint plate", please note that this is only when running in normal mode, debug mode does not show this error.