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  1. I handle this by making a door where the bugs are, thus trapping them in. Also a double-doored foyer works: a two-three squares wide foyer between the bedroom and the room where the bugs are. Not solid doors work fine like this.
  2. Yeah NVM, I had an old version MOD still active, seems to run now without it
  3. loaded an earlier save, now managed to play to cycle 46 and another crash. Loading an older save does not help anymore. Verifying files did not help. I can play over 200 cycles with mods on the official release. The Incredible System.sav
  4. I do not know if my save file helps. but here ya go The Incredible System.sav loaded an earlier save, now managed to play to cycle 46 and another crash. Loading an older save does not help anymore. Verifying files did not help. I can play over 200 cycles with mods on the official release. See another save file on comment
  5. No, but luckily I just got some from the pod. I just wanted to put this out here so the devs can see this, in hopes the live alpha has this covered, there needs to be a method for gaining enough water to do research in order to unlock either the sieve or the desalitizer...something else than making my criers cry I am so early in the game, is day 12 and I cannot dig any further without a superduperhard dig specialist it's a cold biome, no heat source, cannot boil anything yet
  6. Hi, I have a problem: I am on the desolate/cold asteroid (Badlands) on the beta branch and my base is surrounded with salt water. I cannot research for Water Sieve, because it needs not salted water for research. My only option at this time is to make my criers to cry...which actually should be salt water. And then they died *sigh*
  7. The bunker doors are open, light no longer comes through, also blocks line of sight. == open bunker doors behave like closed doors quitting to desktop and reloading did not help EDIT: NVM it works now after new cycle started, odd
  8. Yeah you need to change the !! back to something else after they are done. Then you can use the emergency button to toggle it off Ok this is not EXACTLY what happened with the steam turbine, but it bothers me dupes start dying like flies when you turn the !! on and oxygen is low AN EXAMPLE OF DUPE DEATH IN !! + LOW OXYGEN CONDITIONS @Ipsquiggle In this case the oxygen electrolyzers were broken and I issued an !! emergency to fix them, as oxygen was low...well 4 dead dupes in less than a minute 2032.sav the death count and issue location Serene Space Hut I.sav the conditions before !! emergency SUGGESTIONS TO FIX THIS 1) dupes still need to either don atmosuits or go to breath every now and then, I suggest donning atmosuit as part of the emergency situation (if available) 2) only relevant dupe to the task should go in emergency mode, I do not need my cook to die bc I needed something built 3) the !! priority should automatically turn into a 9 when the task is done and the emergency need to end automatically after all !!s are handled ALSO I need picking up your fallen mate to be automatically the most important task, which should be done by the dupe who is closest. It is so heartbreaking seeing dupes picking up debris when their mate is dying right there 4 squares away... The turbine I mentioned earlier is the one down at the bottom. They built is nicely after the power was restored and the atmosuits got oxygen again. So I guess it was the atmo suit checking point that prevented them going in.
  9. I was building a steam turbine in dab conditions. I think duplicant stress and low oxygen were major factors, but still !! should be built regardless. I do not know if I have that save any more, it was several cycles ago, let me check Yeah it has been saved over. However I think I am able to re-create the conditions. But it is my bedtime, so I´ll get back to you tomorrow.
  10. I have an urgency loop with one of my dupes, Gossmann. She is sick with slimelung, low oxygen in med bay, she is stuck in a loop: express yourself-go toilet-express yourself- Her calories are 300 and going down. Food accessible and plenty. She repeated this for ten days and then she died. I wish for the ability to toggle duplicant's priorities
  11. I want something built urgently, make it urgent with !! priority. The duplicants run about in panic, do everything ELSE except build the !! thing, forget even to go breath, so they die suffocating. I want the !! priority to exceed everything else. Now the dupes only do 'emergency' stuff. We have the emergency button for that. !! should only affect on the dupes doing that particular job. In this case builders. Why does my cook have to panic?
  12. Yeah, no kidding XD thanks for the heads up
  13. No, that mop is unreachable. I had an automation line inactive, my bad had forgotten the line existed. Geez this game is complex!
  14. ISSUE SOLVED here she is happily researching again
  15. They are Tenured Scientists and they currently do only research and care (no sick people). I built a new super comp next to water source, where it is warmer. Now they do research and deliver water to it. Either my first SC location became too cold for my high-moraled scientist or the old SC was glitched. Apparently rebuilding it w/o reloading the game first in the same spot did not clear the glitch I did an experiment, I rose the temp to yellow... STILL they prefer the SC downstairs OHMYGOD!!! I FOUND THE ISSUE!!!! Tried to do glitch-test, deconstruct and rebuild after a reload, then I found this: OMG I AM AN IDIOT did not remember at some point I was planning conserving some energy with automation *facepalm*